The Hellbound Heart — Barker Clive (EN)

Описание книги «The Hellbound Heart»:

Clive Barker

The Hellbound Heart

I long to talk with some old lover’s ghost

Who died before the god of Love was born.

-John Donne,Love’s Deitie


So intent was Frank upon solving the puzzle of Lemarchand’s box that he didn’t hear the great bell begin to ring. The device had been constructed by a master craftsman, and the riddle was this-that though he’d been told the box contained wonders, there simply seemed to be no way into it, no clue on any of its six

black lacquered faces as to the whereabouts of the pressure points that would disengage one piece of this three-dimensional jigsaw from another.

Frank had seen similar puzzles-mostly in Hong Kong, products of the Chinese taste for making metaphysics of hard wood-but to the acuity and technical genius of the Chinese the Frenchman had brought a perverse logic that was entirely his own. If there was a system to the puzzle, Frank had failed to find it. Only after several hours of trial…

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